United by The Sea is a NGO which wants to bring awareness about protection of our oceans!


Their mission is to protect and enhance the ocean, increase awareness to its sustainable use, through greater education and science...

...and how?


United by the Sea has two big areas of work: one is film production and the other is to copromote campaigns.We are building together with our partners, educational programs with 5 to 7 years frames, having a boat, educational platform, scientific plans, educational activities and citizen oriented initiatives for raising awareness. We need volunteers for joining our mission in Film production / In Education, Science or Awareness.

United by The Sea Partners

Sunrise Evolution Technologies Collaboration iconfinder_earth_37871

As technology partners and being ourselves a Sustainable distributor for emerging markets, it's our duty and responsibility to closely cooperate with amazing projects to increase conscious awareness among the youngest generations.There is no Planet B therefore we assume ourselves highly committed to cooperate with environmental initiatives, being aware of the climate change critical situation and how this is negatively influencing ocean lives.

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